Morph III Modifications: Oval Tube Position; Avoiding Bottoming of Gas Springs

Above we see the Morph III prototype with the ovalized tube in close approximation to its new position. This will eliminate the square tubular seat frame, and will remove the forward joint that was used for seat tilting.

Note that as the tube goes back, its ovalized direction rotates by 90 degrees. (Nice.). This should put it at or below the height of the original square seat sub-frame. That's good too.

I spoke with Graham Butler, who designed the Morph III mechanics, and he said that if we morph down any more, the gas springs will bottom. They were designed to their full travel, and furthermore, they are the longest shocks that the manufacturer makes that are still standard, not custom. So the idea here is to have a morph-down bumper to stop the frame from morphing too far. In the future, we can remove the bend in the lower tube, since it no longer has to clear the bottom of the seat frame, as it used to.

Our ovalized tube extends back to the end of the square tube. We might want to weld to the forwad surface of that tube, adding an inch in overall length. Not positive about this. It may be better for Rory to stay at current length. Bike seems short for Bill. Needs more investigation.