Morph Parts Taking Shape: Seth Arseneau Making the Chips Fly

Seth Arseneau in his machine shop. Seth is playing multiple roles on the Morphing Handcycle project. First, he is helping with important decisions about exactly how to build the machine. Right now, Intrepid Equipment is building enough parts for seven Morphing Handcycles of the Morph 4 design. Seth has already contributed to the design that is being cut from metal right now. Seth suggested that the main morphing joint be made from an external bottom bracket so it is strong, light, and easy to construct. That change is in the design. He also suggested that the upper morphing arms be made from a single plate of aluminum, rather than the welded tubular design we initially had. This has also been included in the design, Seth has cut the first pass of the arms on a friend's CNC mill.

Seth's experience with cycles and handcycle racing has been paying dividends on this project. You'll hear more about some new designs in a future blog post.
This is the upper morphing linkage arm. So nice to see it in metal, instead of CAD! Nice job, Seth. 

Drawing for the upper linkage arm. We are planning to remove much of the metal for lightness and look. The outline will not be a hole, though, to keep the arm rigid. We are planning to anodize the part, and then take out the material, so it will be a two-color part.
A 7000-series aluminum oval part for the lower linkage arm.
Seth likes an exact fit. Here, all the cross supports are lined up to make sure they are all identical and accurate.
Here you can see where the cross support fits in the lower linkage arm.