The Morphing Handcycle in Action: Rory Morphs for Lydia (Age 3)

This is our favorite video of the Morph in action -- a classic!

Newburyport, MA  July 16, 2007

Rory and I did an early test ride of Morph II in Newburyport, MA. We parked in the public lot next to the library. As we were packing up to leave after the ride, this mother and daughter came by and were interested in the Morph. So I started shooting video and we did a little demonstration for Lydia, who’s three. We don’t know the Mom’s name. But thanks to both of you!
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That works well on my Mac.  Can we put that file on the web site home page?
Thanks Bill.

Yes. I changed the link on the home page on to point to this post. The nice thing about Posterous is that it converts a wide range of video formats into Flash, and then provides hosting for the file as well. The .org site is an Apple iWeb site which really wants video to be in Quicktime format. Unfortunately, many people do not have Quicktime installed on their system, and when they go to view the video, it doesn't play. (And, there was some bug that made the Quicktime file not play even for people who do have the player installed.)
Are you in full production? I know a few places that would love to have something like this. I live in NC.
sou cadeirante!!!!
Rory, I met you today in Bedford. You are quite a guy! That fantastic piece of engineering you have is out of this world. Best of luck to you on your trip to the east coast. Your commitment and motivation is an outstanding example to everyone who sees you and knows that there is so much more to life and liberty as we know it if we simply seek it out. You will see and do many things on your trip east that most folks will never have the chance to see and experience.
Thanks for letting me take pictures of the equipment, I hope to show that to my son who is interested in supporting a young veteran friend of his that was recently injured in Afganistan and will certainly need support and motivation to move forward. I will also send along your website for his consideration.
Best wishes,

Mick Ware

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