Morphing Handcycle Reference Design V1 Released


Morphing Handcycle Reference Design - Low Rider, Side View


Morphing Handcycle Reference Design - High Rider, Side View

Move With Freedom has been working on the design of a practical Morphing Handcycle for a few years. We are now at an important juncture where we switch from the design process to that of helping the product get into production.
Move With Freedom makes open source designs. The design process can be traced right to its beginnings by looking at the posts in this blog:  You can see a movie of the Morph in action here.
Our designs are free and open to anyone who wants to use them. At the same time, we want to encourage manufacturers to add value to our designs and put them into production.
So, today we are announcing two important developments:
1. Availability of the Morphing Handcycle Reference Design V1 (PDF)
2. Move With Freedom, Inc. has placed an order with Intrepid Cycles for four production Morphing Handcycles, 
If you would like to design your own production versions of the Morph, we are ready to help. Just ask for what you need.
What follows are some illustrations from the document:


Morphing Handcycle Reference Design - Schematic of Key Components


Key dimensions are provided for all schematic parts.


Automatic Seat Tilt Linkage is explained.


Calculations for the Adjustable Lift System are provided.


A detailed design for the morphing pivots is proposed.


Dimensioned drawings are provided for all key parts. (This is a partial view)

Here is the Morphing Handcycle Reference Design V1 (PDF)
Note that you can download this document by clicking the link at the end of the post.