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Where can you test ride a New England Hand Bike or Travel Bike? My husband rides a Quickie-Mach 3 which he likes because he is upright and the camber angle of the rear wheels is between 9-12 degrees. Due to his cerebral palsy he needs a very stable bike. Quickie no longer makes this model and the InvaCare handycycle-pro is not as stable. HIs bike is on loan from an organization in Oregon and he will need to return it to them within a year.

The pictures and comments about your bikes look like they may be models that he would be comfortable riding.

I will never own one,but I must admit,I'm excited to see the finished product.Why does every thing with the world disabled,medical have to cost as much as B-2 bomber parts? What about kits,or other solutions to the high cost? Use of different materials,different manufacturing processes? I wish I knew the solution to the high cost.I'm not blaming anyone ,but I find it discouraging ,knowing most of the disabled who could really benefit and would use this handcycle to make there daily lives a lot easier,will never own one.