Morph Seat Angle - Upper to 95; Lower to 110 Discussion and CAD Models

One of the design issues we've been working is how to get the seat back in high rider mode to tilt back enough.

Date: May 3, 2011 1:50:10 PM EDT
From: Graham Butler

Upper linkage design.  This is based on the rear triangle of a suspension mountain bike.  It integrates the weight limit adjuster and the will be stiffer than the original design because it is a true triangle.  It is also much easier to build.

Seat position: I have tweaked the position and length of the upper seat tilt corrector arm to accommodate 95 degrees in high rider and 110 in low rider.  This was actually really easy to do.

I have Seth working on the release system in ABQ.  He is making good progress linking the shocks to a dual pull brake lever.

I was wondering whether we could nail down a date for you to come to San Diego for a meeting/progress session?

I am free for the rest of the month, although I will have a show to go to in the first week of June.  Ideally it would be good to doing mid to late month.

One think that I have not had a change to work on is the centering spring design, but I have been thinking about it.

What do you think of the new upper linkage?  Is it what you had in mind in terms of look/ appeal?

Let's talk soon.