October 21, 2005: Rory Note to Page Product after Online Meeting

(Editor’s Note:  Our first meeting was at the Warner Research offices in Cambridge on September 28, 2005 . This email is a followup from Rory.)

Subject: Re: Fw: industrial design - Morphing Handcycle project

Date: October 21, 2005 2:15:10 PM EDT

Hello Matt, Jamie, and Graham,

I am pleased that the Webex connection with Bill has you energized with the morphing handcycle project.  I was unable to be on the connection at the time.

Your email exchange expresses enthusiasm for the project.  That is exciting for me.

For a number years Bill and I have had an ongoing conversation about the creation of morphing vehicles.   i.e. A handcycle which could be made more compact and function like a wheelchair - when you arrive at a destination.

Our ongoing conversation continued just the other day when we were at a conference in Boston.  We came out the building using wheelchairs and needed to head down the road to another site for an evening event.  As we were wheeling along, I expressed to Bill, "Now,  if we were on our morphs ! ! . . . .   My joking, yet serious comment, had the intent that the chairs we were in, would morph into a handcycle or other vehicle which would lend itself to cruising down the road,  . . . . then we would arrive at our destination  . . .  and they would "morph" back into a chair and we would enter the building and have the maneuverability of a well designed, sporty vehicle.

Bill's first design for a handcycle, the New England handcycle, circa 1980, has more maneuverability than a majority of handcycles being produced today.  The "lower, longer profile ", "longer distance" handcycles have become more popular. Most have a very wide turning radius, larger footprint, and less maneuverability in smaller and tighter spaces.

I have done a fair amount of long distance handcycling and most of those handcycles work well for that primary purpose.  Though I often found it frustrating to be out on a handcycle and be unable to enter the door to a convenience store to purchase a drink or something to eat, or enter an office building, or any space which did not permit wide turns, have wide aisle, etc

I believe a vehicle can be created which will provide more accessibility to folks who use both chairs and handcycles.

I am excited by the possibility of working together because you come recommended and the examples of your work on the web site suggest that this kind of design project might be a good fit.
Should we have the opportunity, I look forward to working together.

Rory McCarthy

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Subject: Re: Fw: industrial design

Hi Bill,
It was very good to connect today. We're very energized after the meeting, and will get a proposal to you asap!
Bill Warner wrote:


Lets do 4pm. I'd like to conference in Rory McCarthy, who is the idea man behind this project.

Let's have everyone call 617 303 2477 at 4pm. I can conference from there.

Also, at least for part of the discussion it might be helpful be able to share computer screens.

I have an account on Webex, and I've schedule a meeting.  Go to https://orange.webex.com/orange
before the meeting, and have it download the software. It takes a few minutes. Works on Internet Explorer on PC's. Works on Netscape 4.7 (!) on Macs.

    Topic:  Morphing Handcycle
    Host:  William Warner
    Date:  Wednesday, September 28, 2005
    Time: 4:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -04:00, New York)

Looking forward to our discussion.

-- Bill