2015-12-31 Parts and Assembly Database Using Quickbase

We're still at an early stage of the design for the Electric Handcycle. Many design choices depend on the components being used. So I started a database of components being used, and how these components fit together into assemblies. The fabricated components will eventually get drawings, and these will be accessible in the database as well.

Click here to see the live status of the Parts table in the database. It will open in a new window. Note that these parts are only an intial cut at selections. Ted and Cody and I are going to take a new pass through the components soon. 

Note that you can click around the database all you want, but even if presented with a button like "Add Part" it won't let you. It might say to ask for permission, but we have to restrict editing of the database to those on the team. So view all you want, but please leave any editing buttons as they are (strangely, Quickbase doesn't let us take away all the buttons that Web viewers should avoid.)

This a screenshot of the Assemblies table in the database. Again, as of this post, these are preliminary. But if you click on this link much later than this post, the state of the database might be more reflecting of the actual plan (or even the reality.)

And here is the Vendors table from the database.

This is a look at a Part Record for the Front End Assembly. Parts and assemblies are handled the same. Parts can contain other parts, and then we call them assemblies. This screen shot shows some of the parts in the Front End Assembly AS2-1032