Design: Making a Better Quick Release Wheel for the Morph

Pictured above is an example of an "over-the-center" cam-lockiing clamp. You find them on many parts of a bike. This one is meant for the seat post, and it's a fancy one selling for $45. They are a great way to cinch a tube. They are fast and reliable, and available in many price levels.
An example of a typical quick release wheelchair hub - with button activated removable axel (which can separate and get lost!)

Because the Morph is made to be part one's everyday life, it needs to fit in a regular car - in the back seat, in the trunk, etc. One can't require a van if you've ridden far at night and want to catch a ride home with a friend.

So, the Morph makes it easy to fit into small storage spaces three ways:

1. Main Tube Coupler - this is a fancy piece of stainless steel magic made in Switzerland. It lets us make the 2" main tube break in half with a spin of the collar. 

2. Fold Down Seat Back - This reduces the height dimension by about 10" (my guess)

3. Quick Release Wheels - The wheels pop off really fast. No tools. 

The problem is that standard quick release hubs are pretty darn bad:

1. They Wobble - The hubs never fit that well because the removable shaft relies on a perfect fit into the receiver.

2. The Axle is Separate - You can loose it. Just push the button, remove it from the hub. Drop it down a sewer. Your week or month is ruined till you get a new one.

So, Graham has proposed a very simple design: 
Use a fixed axle with a smooth shaft. Put a cam-lock clamp on the receiver on the Morph. Presto. Instant quick release. No wobbling because the cam lock grabs the axel really tight. The axle is fixed and you can't lose it.

These three elements should provide a very fast breakdown of the Morph into a small size in no time.

Photos: Quick Release "Easy On" System

[From Graham Butler, Janaury 31, 2011]

Here are the pictures of the quick release system for the front end.

They guy who bought this bike loves it.  Hasn't had any problems and has just ordered a second one the same to keep at his cabin.

Morph will use similar release mechanism to make it easer to get on the bike.
Press button to release.
Front end pulls away
Pleanty of clearance to bring feet over. Not that this bike (like the Morph) is fitted with a coupler to allow the bike to break down for travel and stowing in a car.
Then replace strut for riding by clicking it in the receiver.